Network Services
Reports show that organization’s employees spend up to 10 hours per month dealing with computer or applications related support issues – that’s hundreds or thousands of hours of downtime for even a small company.  Firstlink Communications Inc. comprehensive desktop & server management services help increase employee productivity.  This service combines a robust, reliable IT infrastructure, proactive management capabilities and automated processes – all working seamlessly in the background – to keep your end-users productive, protected and satisfied.

The services offered by Firstlink Communications Inc. are from IT professionals that hold current certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and VMware.

What services we offer?

Virtualization/Consolidation of your critical servers – what this technology can do for you?
Two words: Save Money… but how?

Server Consolidation
Reduce current and future server hardware requirements and operating costs by over 50%, decrease datacenter energy costs by up to 80%, reduce server provisioning time by up to 70% and increase server utilization by over 25% or more.

High Availability
Provide higher availability independent of hardware, operating system, and applications; eliminate downtime for common maintenance operations; perform maintenance at any time without disrupting users and services.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance Planning
Keep your servers “always on” and deliver cost-effective high availability all the time. Virtualization will eliminate recovery steps and simplify the recovery process, reduce your hardware costs and your maintenance budget for a redundant disaster recovery site, automate the disaster recovery process and ensure that it is executed rapidly and correctly.

  • Internet Management
  • VoIP Solutions
  • Network design/implementation and support

We provide network implementation and support solutions to world-class organizations, delivering cost savings and operational simplicity. Firstlink Communications Inc. is an independent, rapidly growing, private company that for more than a decade has delivered tailored solutions to with outstanding responsiveness and customer service.

Video Conferencing implementations and supportServer’s disaster recovery (Backups and Restores)Have you ever been in a situation where a server is not responding and the backup is no where to be found? We hope not but if you are we can help evaluate the situation and determine the best method of recovery.

Help Desk Support

PLATINUM Support Plan: Total System Protection

  • Priority queuing for service requests
  • Guaranteed Emergency Response – 2 – 4 hours
  • Guaranteed Non-Emergency Response – Next Business Day
  • Remote Alarm Monitoring & Resolution
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Annual System Review (preventive maintenance) once per year

GOLD Support Plan:

  • Standard Protection
  • Priority queue for service requests
  • Emergency Response – 4 hours
  • Non-Emergency Response – Next Business Day
  • Remote Alarm Monitoring & Resolution
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Annual System Review (preventive maintenance) once per year


  • Block of Hours

Firtlink offers advanced purchase of blocks of technical labor hours (minimum of 20 hours)

  • Blocks are purchase pre-paid in advance
  • Discounted Labor Rates
  • All Parts are billable
  • All required Tier 3 Manufacturer support is billable